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In 1987, a local residents group accepted responsibility for a playing area that had been abandoned by an internationally known firm...

... The residents group later combined with a community association and is known as the Higham Lane Leisure Association. The area had stood unused for a number of years and was in a poor state. Within the area was a bowling green that had been used for a number of purposes by the local children including football, cricket and pony riding.

In 1989, a number of people realised the potential of the green and decided to attempt to renovate it and so bring bowls back to the playing area. A club was formed in 1990 and was named after the avenue from which access was made.


The hard work started!

A vast amount of work was required as the surface, which was in a poor condition was pitted with soft patches caused by pony hooves, all of which had to be dug out and replaced by hand. The ditches had all but disappeared and required rebuilding and hedges had to be cut back and some removed, plus removing numerous weeds from both the surroundings and the green itself.

The machinery to help in the work was acquired from whatever source was available and after a while sufficient funds were raised to purchase a grass cutter.

Fixtures were arranged and visiting clubs accepting the situation, enjoyed the game and the social intercourse that followed.

A part of a wider community!

Money raising became part of the life of the club and more equipment was obtained so allowing the green to be improved each year.

The club was founded as a family club playing mixed matches and with the exception of a number of ladies matches, has remained so. Membership is open to all.

The club is an independent section of the Higham Lane Leisure Association, who are the lessees of the ground, and all members of the Ambleside Bowling Club are registered members of the Higham Lane Leisure Association.

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